Project Name: Ergonomics

Duration: 3 week

Area: College employee pain points

Effectiveness                Efficiency               Engagement               Error Tolerance                 Ease of Learning

Handle Support allows user to get good control and access when involving in actions like lifting the bucket with enough weight to a height.

From the user’s perspective, usability is important because it can make the difference between performing a task accurately and completely or not, and enjoying the process or being frustrated. From the developer’s perspective, usability is important because it can mean the difference between the success or failure of a product. From a management point of view, product with poor usability can reduce the productivity of the workforce to a level of performance worse than without the system. In all cases, lack of usability can cost time and effort and can greatly determine the success or failure of a system. Given a choice, people tend to buy products that are more user-friendly.


1.More space efficiency

2.Less tending to touch your feet while carrying

3.Preventing the practice of carrying on head

4.More ergonomic handle

5.Reduced spilling of water

6.More easy to lift and pour

7.Liquid does not spill back while filling

Ergonomic Data

Measurements(mm)    5th tile (Female)  95th tile (Male)

Handle Length              150         210

Middle Finger              110         80

Grip Diameter              47          66

Knuckle ground             635         795