Project Name: Systems Thinking

Duration: 3 week


Putting systems thinking into practice begins by understanding the key characteristics of complex systems and the implications those characteristics have for how we work within those systems.

Interrelated                                                     Interdependent                                                           Interactive

"In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state."


Defining Boundaries to identify Subsystems

Subsystems Selected : Maintenance , Emergency and Cleaning.


Brain Dumping

One of the best ways to progress to more advanced levels of ideation is to start by getting everything that's currently clogging the neural pathways out in the open and freeing up some cognitive space for other synapses, connections, and mixtures to get through.

Further Narrowing to Emergency and going into in-depth details


Actor Mapping

Understand general landscape (e.g., key actors, organizations, initiatives).
Determine who needs to be involved.
Explore various actors’ roles in the system.
Diagnose the strength of connections among actors.
Consider how relationships, roles, or information flows are changing.
Determine where the energy is in the system and where there are gaps or blockages.
Understand how structures are changing.
Consider who is, has been, or should be involved.

Identify opportunities to build new relationships and explore other parts of the system.


Strategy to boost efficiency


:To take an imaginary situation of an extreme case

" Theft of wallet from a pregnant lady "



Product level opportunities ideas such as :

1. RFID tags in tickets (Passive bands) and luggage

2. Digitalizing and maintaining a database all the data irrespective of value in-order to create efficiency

3. This database can be used by Research and Development department for better insights and  interventions.

4. Feedback system to every counters to increase employee-passenger moods fruitful and to create a good value.