Useful + Usable + Findable + Credible + Desirable + Accessible + Valuable

Understanding the Context


> National Institute of Design, Vijayawada is one of the first new NIDs setups after the proposed NID Act of 2014.

> Even if people have heard about the institute, People make admission related decisions from the information or data available over the internet.

> So inevitably for an Institute, having an online presence that generates a compelling impression is indispensable.

> The Institute needs positive impressions and credibility, the website delivers it.

Identifying Stakeholders’ Goals

Stakeholders were interviewed, their information needs were listed, prioritized and their intent to engage with the website was listed.

Pain Points + Key Insights

>  Most Students had trouble finding the Institute’s location as it was located on city outskirts, inside the ANU transit campus.

>  The Website had to be minimal and functional keeping in mind the technical aptitude of all stakeholders.

> Being a new Institute’s website, it should have a unique identity, but still be in synergy with the sibling institutes.

Information Architecture

Before wireframing and prototyping, an audit of all necessary pages was done, to simplify each form of content and its accessibility as much as possible.

Responsive Grid
The site was designed to be Responsive and meant to be used across multiple platforms considering the lifestyle and tendencies of the user base.

Project Name: UX design Assignment - Freelance project

Area: Expense filling App for corporate executive.

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