Product Design

Project: Product Design

Design brief: Product solution to include the elderly to the convenience of using digital transactions.
Target audience: Elderly 60+ in developing countries and late adopters of technology.
Duration: 2 months.


Concept 2

Project: Inclusive Design

Design brief: Address gaps in academic success for visually impaired.
Target audience: Visually impaired and slow learners (5-15 years old).
Duration: 2 months.


Inclusive Edu-Cards with cardboard smartphone-mount + app

  1. Recognize exclusion

  2. Learn from diversity

  3. Solve for one, extend to many

Project: Maker workshop.

Design brief: Design ideas using open source resources.
Target audience: Uber drivers.
Duration: 2 week.

Project: Packaging Design.

Design brief: Sustainable packaging ideas in e-commerce industry.
Target audience: E-commerce delivery system.
Duration: 3 week.

Sustainability: Concept of Re-usable tertiary packaging for e-commerce

Project: Ergonomics.

Design brief: Redesign everyday objects more ergonomically.
Target audience: People engaged in cleaning/construction activities.
Duration: 1 month.

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