Project Name: Inclusive Design

Duration: 8 week

Area: Visually Impaired

Inclusive Education: to make visually impaired Independent and Powerful

  1. Recognize exclusion

  2. Learn from diversity

  3. Solve for one, extend to many

The inclusive design was one the helpful and well-organized put course in the NID curriculum. Its is the latest design trend and all companies and design firms are taking a major lead on inclusive design. As it is an aspect of human centred design. Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude customers. The inclusive design emphasizes the contribution that understanding user diversity makes to inform these decisions, and thus to include as many people as possible. User diversity covers variation in capabilities, needs and aspirations. When coming to doing an 8-week real-time college project it actually gives you an understanding of why include? and what does it takes to include?

There are many advantages to experiential learning; one of them is accelerated learning. Experiential learning also involves critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making skills. It goes beyond the theories taught in the classroom to offer first-hand experience, which further aids in the retention of these new concepts. Another benefit is the increased engagement levels of students.


Inclusive Edu-Cards

new thumb-01.jpg


How it works

  • Each edu-cards contains study elements which are respectively tagged to a QR code at the left side this relation is understood by braille coding.

  • When the tags are inserted into the smartphone mount which lets the smartphone read the QR code

  • By pressing the scan button the smartphone will give audio description corresponding to the edu-card.


QR scanner





Image recognition

And Smartphone embedded sensors

Magnetometer and GPS



Proximity sensor



TTS All information

Custom Audio Feedbacks

Possibilities in personalizing audio feedback are endless especially in the case of scenario where.Inclusive design and education are involved 'the audio can be made humanly in the form of teacher itselfso that it feels like reality in realtime.

Unlocking the possibilities of the tech readily available with everyone



Developing and publishing