Project Name: Science and Liberal Arts

Duration: 2 week

Area: Addressing Current world Issues with design

In an assignment to research about any social cause which you can relate to yourself and design can bring good changes in that particular subject. Based on latest tech events and one my courses I done on Data science I chose 'Data Privacy' as my topic.

If this would have been 5 years before then, then I would nothing to do with this topic. It is because I would not mind that much about privacy in general especially in the data area. 
But as I grew up I got so much fascinated towards tech and the new innovations they make every day. And huge success they make every day. I was shocked to realize the actual way they make money which is our data itself.
Also looking at present generation companies business models it so clear that the new disruptive companies solely believes in ‘selling their products’ rather than focusing on making the product. It was the movement where I started looking to market and branding strategies of companies. It finally answered all my questions like ‘if e-wallets don’t charge you any fee then how does it make money. That how the term next billions customers’ came into my vocabulary.


End-end encyption methods which should be able to generate smart insights without syncing user data with web but with a offline algorythm inbuilt in the OS. Which can also be updated. This smart insights cards will contribute to better productivity.


Cards are surfaces that display content and actions on a single topic.

They should be easy to scan for relevant and actionable information. Elements, like text and images, should be placed on them in a way that clearly indicates hierarchy.



A card is identifiable as a single, contained unit.



A card can stand alone, without relying on surrounding elements for context.



A card cannot merge with another card, or divide into multiple cards.


Upward navigation

Upward navigation allows users to navigate one level upwards within a single app’s hierarchy, until the app’s home or top-level screen is reached. For example, the Up arrow in a top app bar is a form of upwards reverse navigation.



Search allows users to quickly locate content across an app. Basic search enables users to input a query into a search text field to view related results. 

Search query input methods can be extended to include historical suggestions, auto-completion of queries, and voice input.


Better visibility of Privacy Actions

Improving your product’s accessibility enhances the usability for all users, including those with low vision, blindness, hearing impairments, cognitive impairments, motor impairments or situational disabilities (such as a broken arm).

Data Visualization using Color

Color can help communicate mood, tone, and critical information. Use color so that all users can understand the content is fundamental to accessible design. Choose primary, secondary, and accent colors for your app that support usability. Ensure sufficient color contrast between elements so that users with low vision can see and use your app.