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Project name: Beautiful Blocks ​


Addition to my 'Data Art' series this is my new exploration of 'Simulation + Data Art' this is a road to experiment data art works with an intent of adding the right theme style and a simulative approach apart from being fully abstract. This is an artistic expression of blockchain technology. As all the information stored on a blockchain is stored in groups called blocks and each block is time-stamped and linked to the one generated before it in time, creating a linear chain of blocks. Mined from the public statistics of Ethereum datasets like:

  • Blocks created

The Ethereum Block Count and Rewards Chart shows the historical number of blocks produced daily on the Ethereum network

  • Daily transactions

The chart highlights the total number of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain with daily individual breakdown for average difficulty

  • Avg block size (Bytes)

The Ethereum Average Block Size Chart indicates the historical average block size in bytes of the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Avg block time (Sec)

The Ethereum Average Block Time Chart shows the historical average time taken in seconds for a block to be included in the Ethereum blockchain.

  • 24hr high (USD)

The Ether Daily Price (USD) chart shows the daily historical price for Ether in USD

  • Network difficulty (TH) 

The Ethereum Network Difficulty Chart displays the mining difficulty and the historical value of the Ethereum network.


All 5 years of 24hr data (Aug 2015- Aug 2020). Particles and all the physics guiding them are plethora of data points.